Saturday, November 10, 2012

Well, to all of the people who actually try to read this I sincerely apologize! This is probably the first weekend since this summer that I have been able to do what I want to do, clean my room, spend time with the Lord, bake, visit my great grandmother, and dance like a fool around my room. It's pretty, this is what free time feels like.

With that being said, this year the Lord has really been teaching me to be thankful for everything! A lot of which I can think back to my experiences in Africa. I wake up praising Him for my warm bed, my hot shower, and everything in between. Standing under the hot water my breath was taken away just thinking of those freezing cold showers I took and that they take daily. I just love having such a thankful heart! I have to look at my crazy life and job through Scripture. Luke 12:48 says, "From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded." Thank you Lord for entrusting me with so much!  

So lets travel back to July the 11th. We had just gotten to Uganda, and although we were not going to Jinja yet, I have never felt so many emotions that were not of myself. (Not to mention my luggage was currently lost and we all had only had a few hours of sleep.) I have been so excited to share this with you since the moment I experienced and wrote this. This is why I go. This is how I knew that my love for Africa was from the Lord. We were driving through Kampala, Uganda and this is what I felt:

"I just can't stop crying and thanking You and praising you God! 
I love the trash piles, the incredibly bumpy roads. 
I love being called Mzungu and the exhaust doesn't bother me anymore. 
I love how the traffic is compared to a parking lot and the huge holes in the roads. 
I love the way peoples goods are for sale on the side of the road and the beautiful handcrafted furniture.
I love that people ride on the tops of the loads of trucks and it is so dangerous, yet not to them.
Driving on the wrong side of the road intrigues me.
The Boda Bodas crack me up.
Eyebrow acknowledgements are humorous and I love how everything has an appropriate response of, 'It's okay' or 'It's no problem.'
Broken English has a way to my heart.
These are still the strongest women in the world!
I love how the weather is incredible and they are all bundled up.
I love the fruit.
The need for car washes even though it will inevitably be dirty in another five minutes.
Sheet metal is good for anything!
They are fabulous dancers. It's in their bones.
They love each other.
They sweep the dirt...? 
I love these people.
I love Uganda!"

That's all I've got for now  :)  Nkwagala nyo.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

There and back.

Disclaimer: I really hate making these long because I'm always the one who skips over long posts because I'm not really one for reading super winded blogs. I will do my best to keep these as short and enjoyable as possible, and worth your time all the way to the end.   :)

Since the day I landed back on American soil my life has been go, go, go.  I feel terrible that I haven't been able to give people updates on my trip and forget about this blog because I usually just post everything straight to Facebook.  (Which, P.S. is where all of my pictures are.) A lot of people say, "I'm the worst blogger." As I almost typed that, I thought, well I guess it's just something you are either good at, or not good at...well I'm not good at it and like Facebook better.

It is a weird feeling being back. While I was on the flight back it really only felt like I had been gone for a day and now it never feels like I left.  I don't quite know why that is. Maybe it is because I have seen it before so it wasn't extreme shock when I got back? Maybe it is because we went to Canaan Children's Home last and that really feels like I just visited my second home? I don't know if it is okay to be comfortable when I get back? I will continue processing it all and I can already see how the Lord is still, and will continue to, reveal His purpose for that trip.  (Really praying that He sends me back for a longer time next time!)

So a quick overview of my trip.  It was AMAZING...I mean there are no other words to describe it! I love traveling and seeing different countries and I just love African cultures and the people and places. I felt at home!

Rwanda. It was very modern! I was expecting it to be similar to Uganda and it wasn't. There were mountains and it was all just an incredible sight. Very green and a cooler climate in the mountains. I read Left to Tell, by Immaculee Ilibagiza, a survivor of the Rwandan Holocaust, before I left. She did such an incredible job describing the sights and sounds that the whole time I was there I just imagined what it looked like during the holocaust with bodies everywhere.  It was the strangest feeling. At the Genocide Museum in Kigali, Rwanda, while the whole museum was incredibly moving, they had a section dedicated to children (which, you all know are so dear to my heart). There was a plaque at the end that said, "I didn't make myself an orphan." It was so touching to see and of course I was brought to tears by those simple words... That is why God commands us to love orphans!

Uganda. Home. Amaka. I cannot express in words how excited I was to be back! I knew after being in Rwanda for a few days that my love for Uganda was not of myself.  It was a love from our Father. Only a love that He could place in someone's heart.  Even while our luggage was stranded at the airport and I wore "dirty" (the American sense of the word) clothes, I could not imagine another place to not have all of the belongings that I packed. The first morning in Uganda, as we were driving, I was not crying, rather tears were just rolling down my face. I cannot explain it. It was amazing. My next post will be my emotion filled journaling about being back in Uganda. As I try to write more about my experience in Uganda all I can think of is the word, "love." So I will leave it at that for tonight.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Here we go again.

I am just so excited.  For some reason it is hard for me to really show it this time around but really, deep down inside I cannot wait to get back to that orange dirt and those sweet brown faces!

It has been sooo long since I have written. I was struggling with separating my time with the Lord and writing for an audience so I cut out the audience part. I have also been EXTREMELY busy as a new teacher and just being a fun twenty-one year old with a much needed summer break! It has been one fantastic break at that!

Well to update everyone, I will be spending a week in Rwanda and a week in Uganda. I was kind of disappointed that I will only get to spend just over two days at Canaan, where I left my heart last year, but I know that it is just all part of a perfect plan. That being said, we will be going to new ministries almost every day and it will be great to share the love. :)  I will be flying out of Charleston tomorrow (Tuesday) at 7pm and arrive in DC. I will spend the night with my team in DC and head to Africa on July 4th just before noon. (Trust me, I will be thinking patriotic thoughts the whole flight.) I am totally praying, and ask that you do the same, that I am able to sleep on the flight there and back. I am awful at sleeping on flights and those are some LONGGGGG flights to stay awake

I will do my best to post here when we have internet to let people know when I safely arrive and hopefully some highlights.

We will appreciate every prayer sent to our wonderful God while we are away, specifically:
-Safety and health!!!!!
-That our luggage and donations make it untouched
-That in all that we do, we are bringing glory to Jesus' name
-That we offer ourselves and the gifts that the Lord has blessed us with to serve as Jesus did!

Y'all, I really am so pumped about this trip and am already wondering where I will be sent next!

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. It really means a lot knowing that we serve a perfect and good God that WILL listen!

Joshua 1:9 says, "...Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go."

Love y'all!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Great Excitement.

I am headed out to school for one of my last weeks (and it's teacher appreciation week!) but I just couldn't wait to share this exciting news! I will surely post more details as soon as I have another free second and as I find out more information.

I will be traveling to Rwanda and Uganda instead of Kenya and Uganda for the safety of our team.  For some strange reason I am just overjoyed! Long story short, the Lord strangely put Rwanda on my heart since I was in Africa last summer.

Anyways, I will try to get back on here soon with more details but I just could not wait to share!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Long time.

Hey y'all! I have been feeling so guilty that I haven't posted in such a long time! On this gloomy day, I finally found the perfect opportunity! Posted up on the couch in sweats watching the cooking channel with my dog :)

I have been up to my ears in to-do lists. Yes, usually more than one.  My kindergartners are giving me a run for my money and well, I'm a pushover. It has been one crazy blur these past three months, but I love it! I am even more excited for next year when (God willing) I will have my own new group of kiddos that I can start fresh with. Pretty cool that I'm 21 years old with a retirement plan. I am surrounded by amazing people at work! Many of my co-workers point me straight to the Lord and I love that! I got the coolest poster from one of them that is a constant reminder of my purpose in that classroom! It is such a great reminder that I keep right beside my desk. I have also joined NewSpring Charleston! The sermons are great and filling and it never fails that in every message, something sticks out right at me!

One reason I haven't written in a while is about two months ago, during my quiet time I began writing my prayers and by the time I finished I realized I got carried away and was writing for an audience. I was really convicted in who I was talking to and why I was doing that. I really needed to separate my quiet time with the Lord and blog writing time. That being said, I am not promising updates often but hopefully more closer to Africa time!

In December, my sweet friend Abby ventured to Kenya and Uganda without me. It is so incredible what the Lord taught her in going on that trip "alone". I was pretty sad that I was not going with her but it was a really awesome and a very clear answer from the Lord of where he wanted me to be and I had to be patient and flexible for His answer. While she was there she got to see my sweet boy Henry! He recorded the sweetest message for me and him and Yotham wrote me letters and signed them "Your Beloved Son." Ahhh I can just picture the day when I pull up to Canaan and run off of that bus and embrace those boys and Rose!!!! I have $1000 more to raise before July. I am confident that the Lord will provide and if you feel that is through a financial contribution of any amount, please contact me to find out how!

Well that is all for now. Just waiting to see what the Lord has in store for my future and super pumped for my next trip to Africa! Matthew 6:33, trying to keep my eyes on Him.

Friday, December 16, 2011


I have been so very busy so it's been a while. 

I accepted my first job offer at a local elementary school as a kindergarten teacher on November 23rd.  This job is a huge blessing and gift from God! I even have a Faith, Isaiah, and Jeremiah in my class, haha. The whole story is pretty crazy if you ever want to hear it.  For the past few weeks I have been to the school a few days a week to "shadow" the teacher, meet the kids, and learn the ropes.  I am SO SUPER EXCITED to get started!  I will be working on my classroom for the next few weeks. Pictures promised! 

I took two days off to GRADUATE! I graduated from the University of South Carolina on December 12th! It happened so fast and doesn't even seem real yet. I was able to graduate in three and a half years with Magna Cum Laude honors and a 3.87 GPA. I am really proud of myself and thankful for all that the Lord did for me in college.  It is so hard to believe I am a college graduate. I already miss my friends and the college atmosphere so much!!!! My advice to anyone else: don't ever graduate! 

All that being said, and as mentioned in my previous post.  It is still my plan to go back to Africa in July!!! I still cannot wait to see those sweet children and am so excited for my sweet friend Abby to go in December! In the mean time, I get to love on sweet five year olds who need to see the love of Christ expressed through my actions and love. 

Life at home is different.  My social life has drastically decreased! I will also be looking for a church to attend. Something else that has been on my mind is how weird this stage in life is.  Now don't get me wrong, I am SO excited for everyone, but it seems like a good 50% of girls my age are engaged or soon to be engaged.  I know it comes in spurts, it's just something I will have to get used to.  I confidently trust that the Lord will provide for me! This is such a great reminder about waiting for God's best for me:

"As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you. Abide in my LOVE."  John 15:9

Friday, November 25, 2011


I am feeling very excited and relieved right now!

About two weeks ago I heard of a job opening. Tuesday I had a clearance interview with the school district. Also on Tuesday I had a spur of the moment interview with the principal. Wednesday after I bought my graduation dress, I was walking down King St. and got a call from the district office offering me the job! I will start Thursday with two days off to graduate! CRAZY! I am incredibly excited!

Last Monday, on the way home for my Tuesday interview, I was distraught about fundraising for my quickly approaching trip to Africa. I have been torn up with no clear yes or no answer from God on this particular trip.  I feel I just got it. The elementary schools start back January 3rd and I would have been in Africa until the 8th. I feel like the job was God's way of saying, "I've got this! Relax!"

So I am relaxing as much as possible with my new job about to start before I even graduate.

I will still need more funds to go to Africa this summer and more than my trip cost to donate to the many ministries we will visit during our time there, I just have some more time and can be more devoted to a summer trip and also my new students!

He has a plan!
It's incredible!
It's often hard to decipher.
It's not always what we think is the right thing.
We are promised that it will always work out.

Until then, my sweet friend Abby can go check on those babies and give them lots of love. Check out her blog at

To God be the glory!