Sunday, November 13, 2011


I am completely overwhelmed with emotions right now! Hysterically crying, smiling, laughing, praying, crying some more.

We just got off of our first conference call for my December Africa trip. When we started talking about the itinerary, specifically Canaan Children's Home,
I could picture every sweet face.
Those sweet boys.
Beautiful girls.
I can still feel that soft skin.
Those beautiful smiles.
The joy.
The pure love of our Father.
The beautiful dirt.
Warm hugs.
(Also waking up to bat squeaks and the Muslim call to prayer in the morning.) :)
All of my emotions towards Africa resurfaced. Part of me feels disgusting that I am able to go back to my daily, school and world worshiping life. I am so incredibly thankful that the Lord sent me in the first place to teach me so much. I really can't even find words to explain how I feel right now.

Jesus is always holding those children and loving them more than I can imagine.


Matthew 25:31-46

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  1. Meredith, I am so glad that I finally checked out your blog. Amazing. You have such conviction. I am humbled. Really. That Sara Groves song - "I Saw What I Saw" is one of my favorites and the video reminds me so much of my trip to Rwanda that every time i watch and listen it makes me cry. I will read more. Thanks for writing of your trip, your faith, your faithfulness. You are an inspiration.

    Tim O'Keefe

  2. OK if I put a link on my blog to yours? It's sort of how I check recent posts of friends. Tim

  3. Yes of course you can! Share away!
    And thank you!!