Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Something really unexpected, emotional, wild, etc. happened tonight.  I got an email earlier today from Visiting Orphans about a church our of California that has partnered with Return Ministries Uganda, the second ministry we visited during my stay in Uganda.  (The Lord is using Pastor Samuel in some incredible and life changing ways!) A few hours later I got another email yet this time from Pastor Samuel with this link (click here)Sitting in my living room I pull up this video on my phone. I was watching it thinking, "Wow! I miss these kids!" picking out faces I recognized, longing to go back and wishing Africa wasn't so far away. About five minutes in I started wondering how long this video was until something caught my eye.  If you watched the video you may not have noticed but having unfolded, sorted, folded, packed, repacked, and repacked some more, unpacked and distributed, making sure each dress got to a loving home, I noticed right away the fabric of one of the dresses my grandmother and her friends made that I took to Africa with me! I immediately stopped the video and choked back tears! It has been about four months since my team visited Uganda and the effects of our visit, and what the Lord is doing, are still being seen.

I don't know the full story behind what the team was doing but my assumption is the large duffel bag of stuff we dropped off just got sorted through and that team was seeing that the resources were being given  where they saw needs. What a blessing! The dresses are at 5:04, a pink plaid dress, at 5:22 a rust colored dress with tan ties, and at 6:37 a green dress with red strawberries (that is the dress that originally caught my eye).

I am praying that God will send me back on the December trip and I am trusting in His plans, however, I am still running very short in the amount of money I need to raise by December.  That was just one example from many of how your support can have a ripple effect with lasting visibility. Would you consider partnering with me and supporting my December return?  For more information contact machinnis@gmail.com.

I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has given me strength, that he considered me faithful, appointing me to his service. -1 Timothy 1:12

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